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About Us


Welcome RadiX Powersports Team! You are part of it. RadiX snowbiking is an adiction. It is a Family.

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Our purpose is to create FUN!

Why else would we do what we are doing? Hopefully, every one of you love what you do. If not, join the list of "Anyones" that bang their head against the job wall.

We choose to have a blast at our job and make smiles in a way that no one else can. How do we make smiles? By creating a product that nobody can compete with. By providing a tool to take you on the best winter adventure you can dream of.

The list of pf purposes and why's can go on and on.

If you are not having a blast, there are only a few possible reasons why.

  • You haven't bought your RadiX®  R2X Kit yet
  • The snow hasn't come yet
  • The last patch of snow just melted

Warning, we're just a bunch of normal lunatics in average guy clothing.