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Welcome to the RadiX Powersports USA On-line order system!

First, thanks for your interest and order. WE are creating a new powersport and you are a big part of the WE.

This site is for your convenience. Any one can register. But, you do have to register to see prices. All RadiX products, parts and accessories can be ordered through this website.

Currently, this site does not accept payments for a good reason. We want to insure your order is correct before we finalize it. So, we do not accept payment for orders here. This site is completely money free.

When an order is placed, we will call you at the contact telephone number you provide here to review and verify your order and to provide any consultation you may request.  We then fill your order, calculate shipping costs, finalize the charges , and will then contact you for you credit card charge information.  We can only accept credit card charges up to $2,000.00, but payment for orders exceeding that amount may be paid either by wire transfer or by bank check or money order. Once your order and been paid for and shipped, you will be emailed a paid invoice and receipt  (both PDF files) in a separate email communication. This keeps us all very secure during a transaction.


New Customers -

  • Create a login by clicking "Continue"  through the New Customer process
  • Add all information requested
  • Your login will be your e-mail address, please record your password
  • Once an order is processed, you will be contacted, the order will be reviewed, delivery date, shipping and payment information exchanged; and you will be sent the invoice.
  •  For more information or to answer any questions, contact

 Existing Customrs:

If you have lost your password, contact