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To navigate and select products and parts:

  • Click on the category you wish to visit
  • Select the product/part of interest
  • When the item is found, select the small + sign near the name of the part.
  • Or click on the picture of the product until you get to a point where it says "Add to Cart"

Your Basket will fill as you add items

From the top of the page, you can:

  • Search for items with the "Advanced Search"
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Checkout Procedure:

  • Select "Checkout"
  • Verify that your shipping address is correct - You may have more than one shipping address
  • Use default shipping method - Shipping will be determined later
  • Add comments as necessary for clarification
  • Review basket
  • "Confirm Order"

The order wil be placed, and reviewed. You will be contacted to complete the order.