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Understanding Base Kits

Understanding Base Kits
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Model: Base Kits
Manufacturer: 2Moto, Inc
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Base Kit Basics:

There are 6 base kits for left hand drive bikes. Each has small variations that make it unique.  

The variations are:

  1. Jackhub gearing
  2. Brake Line
  3. LeveLink
  4. Shock Spring Rate

Jackhub Gearing:

There are 3 basic Jackhubs. They include a 19, 20 or 21 tooth inner sprocket. The need for the different gears is based on the variation of distance between the countershaft sprocket and the swing arm pivot.

Brake Line:

The brake line varies between bikes due to the angle of the line going into the master cylinder.

LeveLink Basics:

Review Understanding LeveLinks. That preview will make this section more understandable.

The base kits are designed to fit a certain family of bike suspension geometries. For example, the all Yamaha and the '09+ Honda frame geometries are similar, therefore, the use the same base kit.

'02 - '08 Honda, '06+ Kawasaki and "05+ Suzuki geometries are very similar and use the same levelinks. The base kits are difference do to the different brake lines required for each bike.

The swingarm is the same for the Yamaha and Honda kits, but the LeveLink is different. Therefore, it is a different base kit.

All KTMs use the same LeveLink, but there are 2 base kits for KTM because the Jackhub is different.

Below, you can see the LeveLink differences.

Shock Spring Rate:

The spring rate on the Japanese bikes is different than the KTM.

Stock Shock Spring Rates:

  1. 4.25 -Japanese
  2. 4.6 - KTM
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